5 Tricks That Help You Get More Done Everyday


By Sean B Samy |Ibadan| March 21, 2022

In this post, I want to share with you 5 Tricks that help you get more done everyday. Oftentimes 24 hours is never enough. Before you know it, your day runs out and you haven’t done what you needed to get done.

That’s why I have put together 5 awesome tips and tricks you can use to take charge of your day & save more time.

After all, time is your greatest resource, managing it must be a priority.

That said, let’s check these out.

1 – Start at 5 – The Important & Necessary First

Start early – with the most important tasks first.

Early to bed, early to rise.
Start your day early but also start with the most important tasks for the day.

If you work at the office and your work is one you cannot do from home, start with the most important tasks that can be done at home

To be able to do this more efficiently, you should have a task time table and a working alarm system, but more importantly self discipline.

By starting with the most important task first, you achieve what you want to get done for the day before most people wake up.

2 – Embrace Rituals – Create a daily Time Management Calendar

Start early with a ritual that gets you in the zone.

Starting with important tasks and waking up early is not something you can do easily without developing a ritual or routine.

This takes time and requires constant mental and physical effort on your part until your body has mastered it.

The best way to get your body to follow through is to create a daily time table. Here you list your most important tasks at the top and check then off one after the other when you complete them.

Having a ritual also reduces the streas on your brain and helps you go about your day easily.

3 – Work in Bursts – Set goals & take massive action

Work in bursts of 33 minutes.

Research has found that the human brain and body cannot sustain prolonged working. In short it has also been well documented that working for long hours without well spaced breaks wears down productivity.

The solution to this is to work in sprouts. One legendary copywriter by the name Gary Halbert discovered that he was very productive when he worked in sprouts of 33 minutes and took 10 minutes break.

By focusing and keeping away distractions for a set time and having breaks in between, you can easily get more done in little time.

This is one you should try out.

4 – Avoid Social Media – The greatest time consumer of the age.

Avoid social media. It’s the greatest time consumer of today.

People spend over 6 hours a day endlessly scrolling on social media – liking, commenting, sharing and responding to messages.

While social media is good being that it has brought the world together, if not properly used, it could also become a great time waster.

When you want to be more effective, switch off your data or your phone and work without distractions. If your work requires you to work online, turn off notifications so as to prevent distracting sounds.

Social media companies designed those apps to be addictive and get you to stay on it longer.

Understanding how to focus is slowly becoming the most important skill of the age. Learn to avoid social media when you work.

5 – Outsource Unimportant Tasks

Outsource any tasks that you don’t have to perform yourself.

The secret to saving more time lies in learning what has to be done and is most important, what needs to be done but isn’t important at the moment, what you must do, what anyone else can do for you and what you mustn’t do.

Understanding all these simply gives you the controls over how your time flies and how you decide to spend it.

No matter what work you do, figure out what part is the most important and must be handled by you and what part you can pay someone else to do for you.

Let’s say you work on the office and you must do some calculations and balance up sheets and then after that you must send a report that usually takes you 1 hour to make.

You could do your calculations and teach someone else to do your reports and pay them.

It’s even easier today with the aid of virtual assistants. You can literally get someone to do anything for you, while your channel your time into more profiting ventures.

We hope these tips have been helpful in saving you more time.? Tell us more about how you’ve been impacted.

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E-commerce Facebook ads

New To Facebook ads? Here Are 12 Things You Should Know About Advertising On Facebook

What is Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads are a type of social network advertising that is designed to enable advertisers reach a certain group of people based on similar selected characteristics.

Facebook advertising

Developed by Facebook, it’s a feature of Facebook where advertisers (brands or business) can showcase adverts to varying demographics of people having the right characteristics that enable them respond in a predictable manner to such adverts. That being said, Facebook ads show up in other Meta’s platforms such as Instagram. It can also be integrated with WhatsApp, however it doesn’t display ads on WhatsApp.

Meta is the parent company that owns Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Why Facebook ads?

Over the last few years Facebook ads have become one of the most popular choices of running online advertising, second only to google ads because of a few key factors and these are the same factors why you should consider Facebook ads for your business today :

Biggest social network reach

Facebook ads has the biggest reach of any social network marketing. Facebook has over two billion active subscribers all over the globe and this means almost all your potential customers will be on Facebook.


Facebook ads are also one of the cheapest advertising platforms in the world. They are far cheaper than Google and your spend will depend on your country’s interest rate as well as your budget. For Nigeria, the lowest daily spend is ₦418, this is around $1/ day compared to Google’s $5 / day.


Setting up Facebook ads is less technical and requires less time to learn compared to Google ads. For example anyone can learn to boost a post or sell a product using Instagram or the Facebook ads manager respectively. Even though it requires some level of learning to have consistent results, it is still easier for a newbie to get results with Facebook ads than with Google ads.

Google ads is also more complex and requires varying dimensions of advertising videos, pictures and other dynamic creatives compared to Facebook ads.

When it comes to the interface the Facebook ads interface is much more simpler than the Google arts interface. It is also easier to understand Facebook analytics compared to Google or other platforms.

Facebook ads structure

Source : medium.com

Now let’s talk about the Facebook ads structure and how an ads is housed on the platform. Facebook advertising structure is designed to enable businesses run as many ads as possible on their accounts and this has led to the development of the Facebook business manager which houses everything related to ads on a particular profile.

Business manager

Think of the Facebook business manager like a house with different rooms. Every profile on Facebook can create a business manager, this is similar to saying every person can own a house.

According to Facebook, ‘Business Manager is a Facebook tool that helps you organize and manage your business. When you join Business Manager, coworkers can’t view your personal Facebook profile unless you approve their friend requests. Coworkers can only see your name, work email address and the Pages and ad accounts you have access to’.

With the Facebook business manager you can manage your pages and ads account, as well as grant access (full or partial) to employees who help you manage your ads account.

When you’re just starting out, each business manager can have a maximum of two ads account. This however increases with time as you spend more and keep to Facebook ads policies.

Ad account

Your Facebook Ad account is where you have access to and control over the relevant information on specific ads. Like a room on the house that stores specific information.

You ad account is where you can put in your billing information, manage analytics, and see how well your campaigns are performing.

An ad account can house up to 5000 campaigns for regular and accounts and 10,000 campaigns for managed ad accounts according to Facebook.

Ad campaign level

Source : Kontentino

This is the body that houses a specific type of advertising. By type I mean goal. Every advertising has a goal, be it to get sales, get more engagement, grow your brand etc.

The ad campaign level houses ads related to this goal. This means you cannot have ads of different goals under the same as campaign level. Even though you can have thousands of ad sets in the campaign level, they must all have the same campaign goal.

That said, the campaign level is where you determine your campaign goal, budget Optimization strategy (ABO or CBO), budget (amount you want to spend daily or for the entire campaign) and testing strategy.

The budget Optimization strategy tells Facebook how you want to spread your budget across the adsets. Using Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) your budget gets spread across all the adsets in favor of the highest performers.

For Adset Budget Optimization (ABO) you select how much you want to spend on each specific adset and Facebook doesn’t have control over your ad spending across adsets.

Facebook adset level

Think of your adset as audiences. According to Facebook, adsets are groups of ads that share settings for how, when and where to run. When you create an adset, the choices you make at the adset level automatically apply to all of the ads in the set. You’ll use adset level options to choose audience characteristics like location, gender and age as well as other demographic you wish to employ in targeting.

Simply put, your adset is where you choose who you want to target and where you want your ads to appear to your target audience – this is known as placements and we would discuss them in a bit.

Facebook ad level

The ad level is where you put in your actual ads ( videos, text and images) of whatever you are promoting or advertising.

In this level you select what messages you want your target audience to see, what action you want them to take (e.g using the shop now button, or learn more button) and where you want to send them to.

Better put, the ad level is where you put in your website you want to send your target audience to, as well as show them your message you wish them to act on. As described earlier, you can have thousands of ads under one adset. This simply means you can have different creatives (images, text, videos) shown to the same set of people.

This can be used to test which of your creatives are working and which aren’t.

Campaign Options on Facebook

Now let’s back up a little and discuss some campaign options on Facebook ads. As discussed earlier campaigns are the type of goals you choose or what to achieve from a particular advertising.

There are different types of campaign goals and Facebook has categorised them under three sets:

• Awareness

Basically this category is used to grow your brand or let potential customers know that you exist. Both campaign types do not require any action on the part of the target audience. This category has two types of campaign goals.

a. Reach

This is best to use when you have a message you would like to reach a maximum number of people. Reach campaign are used by brands who have a message that requires a very wide audience without requiring these people to take any specific type of action.

b. Brand awareness

Very similar to reach campaigns, they are used to create awareness or inform potential customers about a brand.

The Facebook algorithm uses this campaign to help reach the best people who are most likely to like or interact with your brand.

Brand awareness or reach campaigns are not very effective in growing your brand because it will not create engagement. They do not even come with the option to allow a target customer or potential customer take an action on your ad.

As the names imply they are simply meant to create awareness, and are best used for campaigns that do such.

• Consideration

Simply put this is a set of campaigns to get people to learn, like, trust and follow your brand/ business. In this category, you’re not aiming to make any sales/ purchases immediately. The goal is to grow your brand and groom loyal followers who will “someday become customers“.

This campaign category has six campaign types:

a. Traffic

This campaign type is best used when you want to send people to view your website. It could be used to then capture contact details of those who visit your website. Well this is highly ineffective for sales, it is effective for getting visitors to view your website.

However the Facebook algorithm simply calculates a click on your link (or ad) as traffic sent irrespective of whether the person actually followed through to your website. For this reason you might experience high number of clicks but very low number of actual visitors to your website.

b. Engagement

This is usually used to get people to interact with your ad. The engagement campaign helps you get likes, shares comments and followers.

That said if you have some important information which you will like more people to see, share, like and comment on then this is your best bet. Using this will not give you sales or website visits, but will ensure that there is a large number of interaction with your ads.

If you’re looking to make sales or generate leads then this isn’t your best bet simply because most of the action that people who interact with the ads will be taking will be on that particular ad not on your page or on your website.

c. App installs

Quite similar to traffic ads, this campaign type is used to send traffic to your app.

If you’re an app developer and would want more people learning about your app on Playstore or some other host, then this type of advertising is best for you. Setting up your pixel is an added advantage as it can help you monitor what actions are being taken and by who.

d. Video views

This traffic category aims to get as many people as possible to watch a video. If you have a message on video with you will want many people to get to see then this is probably your campaign of choice. However, just like all other traffic campaigns they are ineffective for carrying out conversion of any type be it sales or some other type of conversion.

However a secondary use of this type of campaign is in retargeting. Retargeting is the process of sending ads to people who have previously interacted with a different ad of yours.

e. Lead generation

This is used to capture leads. Leads are people who may be interested in your business in the future but would want to know more about you and get to like and trust you before making a decision, it could also be that they are not just ready to purchase yet.

Lead generation campaign provides you with a fill-in-the-box type of form where you are able to capture the details of potential customers. This box can be pre-filled (with information provided when they opening the Facebook account) or edited by the person interacting with your ad.

While this strategy is very cheap and easily get leads, it is usually not effective in getting high quality leads. This is because sometimes a person might interact with your ad without wanting to give his or her information because they aren’t interested enough, however because the information there are easily pre-filled and captured, his or her details are taken even without his or her interest.

This means you are left with a bunch of contacts that are not really interested in your business or willing to buy anything from you in the near future.

f. Messages

The message campaign type is simply to get messages. These messages maybe sent to your Facebook messenger or to your WhatsApp which is connected to your page.

If you sell products, this campaign type could be useful to get people to enquire about your product directly via your WhatsApp or Facebook message. However like all other campaign types of this category it is not very effective for sales despite being way cheaper.

Like the lead generation campaign above, most of the people who will message you will not be ready to buy. If you’re going to use this type, consider combining it with a CRM software.

• Conversion Category of Facebook ads

Now this is the campaign type that makes Facebook ad interesting.

Conversion type campaigns are designed to get you people that take desired action and even though these are way costlier, they are more effective for sales or any other type of action be it generating leads or getting followers.

Under this campaign category we have three types of campaigns :

a. Conversions

This campaign type is designed for advertisers who want people to take certain types of actions and want to keep track of those actions. These actions include, app installs, purchases, landing page views, add to cart, add payment info, etc.

The Facebook algorithm is designed to identify and show your ads to people who are most likely to take the desired action be it making a purchase, visiting your website, downloading your lead magnet, listening to a song, watching a video, or downloading your app. As long as you want people who are most likely to do those actions, conversions are your best bet.

In order to set up conversions you must first set up your Facebook pixel and select the conversion event you want to track. More on that later.

b. Catalogue Sales

As it denotes, this campaign type is best used when you want customers seeing a catalogue of products or list of options to take action on.

It’s usually used by big brands with lots of shopping options, however it’s very effective for driving sales. In order words it’s used to drive traffic to your online store.

c. Store traffic campaign

This type of campaign was designed by Facebook to drive foot traffic to your physical store. According to Facebook, you can select the store traffic objective for your campaign if you have a business with one or many different stores and you’ve added your store locations in Business Manager.

You store must be a physical location and it’s address must be updated in business manager.

The Facebook Pixel

Source: wpblog

The Facebook pixel is a piece of code (a unique string of numbers) that is used by the Facebook algorithm to track what actions are being taken on your website. It works by uploading a small set of predetermined functions ( called events) that you want your visitor to your website to take (called a conversion). It’s unique to each ad account.

Learn more about the Facebook pixel here.

Where Do Your Facebook ads Show

Source : social media examiner

Facebook has various outlets where your ads show ( these are known as placements) and here are a few of them;

Facebook feeds : Best defined by Facebook as the constantly updating list of stories in the middle of your home page. Feed includes status updates, photos, videos, links, app activity and likes from people, Pages and groups that you follow on Facebook.

Marketplace : Facebook marketplace is a future designed by Facebook for people who want to trade items organically. You can also set up your ads to show in this marketplace.

Stories : Facebook stories are a new feature by Facebook where you can upload pictures or very short videos not more than 30 seconds. They are designed to give viewers highly entertaining videos and pictures that last not more than 30 seconds on the field and disappear after 24 hours.

Others are

  • Audience networks – affiliate sites with Meta.
  • Reels – a new video feature similar to Instagram reels that allow you upload videos of up to 60 seconds. Reels were modelled after YouTube shorts.
  • Search – these ads appear when someone searches for something on Facebook.
  • In-stream videos – these are video ads that’s show under the video section.

What type of Facebook Ads Creative Can You Use

Source : Pinterest

Image : Graphics images could be anything from pictures of the product or event, to just about anything.

Video : videos of the products or any other event. Video creatives tend to pull in more engagement than pictures. The Facebook algorithm gives preferable to video over pictures.

Carosell : carosell are a combination of scrollable images or videos. They are best used when you have multiple variations of products.

Dynamic ads: these are automated ads for business that have a large number of products. Instead of having to create an ad for every product you sell, you create a catalog and then drive traffic to your store, the Facebook algorithm then generates an ad for each product based on the interests of the target viewer or audience. This type of ads are best used for big E-commerce brands with multiple products like Alibaba for example.

How much control do you have over your ads

  • You choose where it appears. With Facebook Ads, you can choose where your ad creatives appears on Facebook and Instagram via the placement options. You can create ads that fit or blend into a particular placement which helps increase the click through rate.
  • You choose who can see your ads : You also decide who gets to see your ads using interest and demographics. Learn more about interests and demographics here.

How to Pay Money Into Your Ad Account

Choosing your Payment method

When setting up your ad account from the business manager, it’s important you set up your payment method correctly as well as select the right time zone. Selecting a worng payment method, eg, selecting dollar payment when you don’t have a dollar card will make payment very difficult for you.

Also setting the wrong time zone will mean you’ll struggle with calculating the right time everytime you want to set up an ad. If improperly set, you as might be over spending your budget at the wrong time.

For most new accounts, Facebook offers the MasterCard/ Visa card payment and this is ok to go. However some countries have the option to choose postpaid account while others can only use prepaid.

For countries with postpaid, your card must be bound to your account and Facebook reserves the right to deduct any ad credit given to you from your account without prior notice. The advantage to this however is that you can run ads even when you don’t have any money up to a certain limit.

For countries where only prepaid is available, you can still bind your card or use a third-party payment system. For me I usually recommend using a third-party payment system. This is because when you bind your card and for some reason your account gets restricted, your card is already bonded to that account and any new account you use that card on will likely be restricted as well.

Here is how to make payment using PayU, a third party payment system in Nigeria.

Best ads to run for e-commerce

When it comes to running ads for e-commerce, there is only one type of ad type that works best and that’s conversion ads. Here you get ready-to-buy audiences to visit your site and carry out a desired action.

However other Strategies you can use to boost sales are video views and retargeting campaigns. Simply put, you create a video ad of your product, and then create another ad retargeting those who watched a certain percentage of your video ad, say 50% and above. You can also retarget visitors to your website as well as those who took some action on your website such as filled a form or downloaded a lead magnet.

This works because it’s mostly people who are very interested in your products that are likely to watch your video for long, download/watch a lead magnet or submit details.

This strategy works because you spend less and you are mostly targeting interested audiences with your ads. It’s also helps to build trust because potential customers get to see different points of your products.

Facebook ads policies

Source : PowerAdSpy

Facebook ads policy is a set of guidelines Meta has established for using her advertising platforms. It lists and explains different types of advertising acceptable on Meta, how to use the advertising platform, and what types of advertising are prohibited or in a grey area.

It is very important that you go through the Facebook ad policy at least twice to familiarise yourself with them before running any ads as failure to understand them or breaching them might get your ads rejected. Multiple rejected ads will get your ad account restricted or completely blocked from advertising on Meta.

Facebook ads manager

Source ; iSogTek Pushing Limits

Facebook ads manager is an integrated interface for setting up, organising and analysing all your ads.

The ads manager is used for managing individual ads accounts unlike the business manager which can manage several ads accounts at the same time.

Meta has also introduced the mobile-friendly pocket version of the Meta ads manager which helps you manage your ad account and your ads on the go full stop with this mobile-friendly version you can set up ads, monitor ads as well as fund your account on your mobile. You can download this on the Google Playstore or iOS store.

It’s also very simple to use and does not require any technical knowledge.


While setting up your ads can be relatively easy, setting up a profitable ad campaign is another ball game that requires one to understand the Meta ads, Advertising and sales. You can learn more about creating a successful ad campaign that brings in thousands of sales here.

Business E-commerce

Supercharge Your Ecommerce Business – 6 Tools To Help You Scale Your Ecommerce Business

Starting an e-commerce business is not an easy task. You have to get everything right or you’ll end up with a lot of products you can’t sell and a lot of money wasted running advertising. However, there are some tools you’ll need to enable you to Supercharge Your Ecommerce Business and scale with minimum effort.

It’s a delicate business that requires lots of planning and getting offline things in place even before starting to run advertising. In short, running advertising is the last part of the business.

That said, here are 6 tools that would not only help you start your e-commerce business successfully, but would also help you scale up.

1 – Email Marketing Solutions

email marketin can supercharge your ecommerce business
email marketing

Email marketing is the simplest, most cost-effective way of making money as an e-commerce business.

Your email subscribers already know, like, and trust you and simply recommending a product to them is 10X more likely to bring sales than running any sort of advertising.

By adding email marketing to your E-commerce business, you’re creating a passive income source that never runs dry.

While nurturing and growing an email list takes a lot of work, the rewards are massive and long-lasting. However, before starting to grow your own email list, it’s very important you choose an email platform that will serve you for the long term.

When it comes to email marketing, Sendinblue is one of the best in the business.

2 – e-Commerce Advertising Platform

Like every business, you must advertise to get clients, consumers, and referrals. Choosing a platform that’s easy to use and manage is a priority before starting your e-commerce business.

Facebook advertising is one of the cheapest tools to supercharge your ecommerce business
Facebook advertising

While Google ads have the largest reach so far, Facebook & and the new kid in the block, TikTok is increasingly challenging the dominance of google ads. However as a beginner to E-commerce, Facebook remains the best platform to start with, this is because it’s cheaper, easier to use, understand, and has a reach of over a billion active users.

To learn more about advertising your e-comm business on Facebook, simply click here.

3 – Payment gateway

While E-commerce agencies in most American and European countries use automated payment gateways, with larger companies and Konga and Jumia doing the same in Nigeria, as a starter, using automated payment gateway systems will not work.

Supercharge your e-commerce business
Payment on delivery

Nigerians rarely trust anyone easily and prefer to pay on demand. If you’re not a household name like Jumia, Alibaba, Jiji, Konga, and the likes, creating an automated payment gateway will very likely reduce your sales.

The solution is to adopt a pay-on-delivery approach and create a system where your customers can make payments when the goods arrive. This of course has its own problems (link here), yet it creates a goldmine of opportunities to make real money.

Learn more about starting a profitable E-commerce business here.

4 – Delivery Agent

While briefly covered in the last point, getting the right delivery agent is important. In Nigeria, there are several delivery companies, some of them are very costly and others are very unreliable. Not to talk of the fact that some customers can change their minds at moment’s notice without any alert.


Supercharge your e-commerce business
delivery agent

Therefore, getting a reliable and cheap delivery agent is really important when starting your e-commerce business. If you ship to faraway places, you should ensure you have a reliable person to receive the products and deliver them in due time to the customer.

Your delivery agent must always be in contact with the customer to ensure the customer is available and reachable when the product arrives.

You can learn more about getting a reliable delivery agent and how to handle customer problems in this course.

5 – Analytics Tools

When using Facebook or any other E-commerce advertising platform, there is a myriad of KPIs that may be confusing to you as a first-timer. This is why we recommend understanding facebook’s analytics.

Supercharge your e-commerce business
Facebook analytics

Some data to pay attention to include ;
• Average order value – the average amount a customer spends with you.
• Average Conversion Rate – the percentage of visitors who buy from you when they visit your website or e-commerce store.

Knowing these KPIs will give you an early indication of you are making profits or losses and also give you indications as to what particular aspect of your business needs to be fixed.

While Facebook comes with its own, there are a few other tools you can use that can make the process easier for you and help you find leaks in your E-commerce amour.

Here is a list of e-commerce analytics tools that could benefit you. Check them out.

6 – CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management is one very important part of e-commerce. Getting a means to automate all or part of your CRM could be saving you a lot of time and gain more customers.

Supercharge your e-commerce business
CRM is important to successful e-commerce marketing

Since most Nigerians with smartphones now use WhatsApp as a default means of daily conversation and communication, it’s imperative that you get CRM software that integrates seamlessly with WhatsApp.

Most successful e-commerce businesses use WhatsApp to communicate with customers and there are so many CRM software built around WhatsApp. Some of them include WhatsAuto, WhatsApp Autoresponder, Callbell, leadSales, and others.

However, for a beginner, I recommend you just start with WhatsApp Autoresponder which can be downloaded on the Google Play store and you can easily set it up. It charges a small monthly fee but saves you so much time answering basic and repeated questions from clients.

You can learn more about CRM software here.


This post has exposed you to some really amazing tools you should have handy to skyrocket your e-commerce business. However when starting an e-commerce business in Nigeria, it’s best to learn from people who have succeeded in the industry as you know, business in Nigeria can be really challenging.

One of the best people to learn more about having a successful e-commerce business in Nigeria is Jonathan Melody, a top E-commerce guru who has made tens of millions selling varying products online. Here is one of his best recommend courses.


Is affiliate marketing legit? Six things to know before starting your affiliate marketing business

You have made up your mind that you want to be your own boss. You desire to control your income and ease yourself the stress of waiting for a salary that never satisfies and even though there are other business models such as e-commerce and cryptocurrency, you have chosen affiliate marketing as the business of choice.

That being said, let me tell you six things you need to know before you start your affiliate marketing business.

affiliate marketing

Saying the world has gone digital would be an overstatement of the truth. Welcome to a world where networking and the ability to handle your network is power. Online statistics has it that 30.9% of online businesses are fake as of 2020.

You might get septical about what are the guarantees of venturing into Affiliate marketing and if it would be a wise investment.

Affiliate marketing has been around for a long time, it was made popular by Amazon through pay-per-click on products sold by affiliates.

What exactly is affiliate marketing?

First, we have to understand the very concept of Affiliating and marketing as a whole.

Marketing is exploring and providing value for target audience. This value could come in form of goods and services, tangible or digital (or intangible). In simpler words, it is providing goods or services to those who need them.

Affiliating is another word for partnership. It is coalition with a larger firm based on certain conditions. There are terms to this partnership, that is, you play your part, they play theirs too. This terms could he paying you a fixed fee or paying you on commission.

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing can be simplified into simples terms; that is you earn a commission for marketing another person’s or company’s products.

Simply put, it is an advertising model in which a company compensates third-party publishers to generate traffic or leads to the company’s products and services.

The affiliate ( third-party marketer) simply searches for a product they enjoy (have some knowledge about and feel comfortable marketing), then promotes that product and earns a piece of the profit from each sale they make. The sales are tracked via affiliate links.

Affiliate links are unique links that distinguishes one affiliate marketer from the other. The affiliate link is unique for each product and to each marketer. This means two different marketers can market the same product with different links and have their records tracked independently.

Affiliate marketing differs from the pyramid business models and differs from e-commerce. The only thing you do as an affiliate is sell a digital product and get commissions.

Digital products are virtual products, or better put, information products. You can touch them, hence the term virtual, but these give you some actionable processes, steps and information that you could use to achieve some result. In general terms, ebooks, movies, teleseminars, video trainings are all digital products.

The digital product industry is among the fastest growing industry in Nigeria today, coupled with affiliate marketing, sales of digital products is at its highest ever and set to continue growing.

That said here are 6 things to know before starting an Affiliate marketing business.

  • Your product
  • Your Customers
  • Your space
  • Your Brand
  • Profit
  • Risks


Simple. Digital products, goods, etc. The list is endless. As stated earlier, your duty is to advertise these goods and you are paid a commission for the sales made. These products are already having a high demand by people around you. They don’t get spoilt or damaged during delivery, no need to worry about how the customer likes the products, the company will take care of that.

There are varying products, as well as various companies running affiliate programs, such as Expertnaire, Amazon, Learnoflix. Find out the one that suits you and you are passionate about and dive into it.

In Nigeria, Expartnaire is the most popular affiliate marketing platform and best suited for the Nigerian market. The most popular affiliate product in Nigeria as of 2022 is the 72IG course, others are Canada Relocation Blueprint, Ecommerce Leverage Advantage, Facebook Ads Implementation Course, among others.

To promote a product, simply register as an affiliate on Expartnaire, select the product you wish to promote, get it’s unique affiliate link and start promoting. You can learn more about becoming a successful affiliate marketer here.


Do you bother about the people you would sell to? You might be worried about how you would get clients & customers to hear about and buy the products you’re recommending.

You have to remember that lots of people are harnessing the social media and your products have a ton of people who need them. Your job is to advertise these products and reach out to people interested in what your offer and close the sale. The company takes care of everything else.

Now, finding customers is easier said than done and here are 2 ways to get interested people to check out your offers.

Organic Traffic method. Here you actively post in groups or other public places about your product and educate people about it. This method is time consuming but works, as well as doesn’t require spending money.

People who indicate interest are then taken to your WhatsApp or some other form of more intimate messaging where you can close the sale. This method is slow and only advisable when you’re new to affiliate marketing. For pros how ever consider method two.

Paid Traffic Method. This method consumes a lot of money but can be used to scale your fillet marketing business superfast. What do you need to do here is create a lead magnet ( some high-value material which could be an eBook or a video describing your product and giving some other valuable information about your product) and giving it out for free.

Then you are advertising an offer to give out your lead magnet for free to anyone who exchange their contact information with you. Using this method lots of people get your lead magnet and reach out to you, wanting to buy the products through your link. This process is faster and even though it consumes a lot of money (which will be spent on advertising), the rewards are massive.

Your space

The online space is your workplace. You have different media handles as tools with different audiences who seek ways to making profit out of their stay on the online space.

However do not fall into the common trap of trying to reach everyone, everywhere. Instead focus on only 2 social media channels that give you the best reach and promote your products there. Personally I would recommend LinkedIn and Twitter. Twitter specifically, gives one of the best organic reaches of every single platform out there.

Your online space must be fully optimised to show that you are an expert in that industry in which you sell products full stop no one is going to buy from someone who doesn’t look like what he sells. Imagine trying to buy weight loss pills from a very fat man, it just shows that the weight loss pills never works. If you are going to actively attract potential buyers you must clean up your social media handles and look like the part you are trying to sell.

Your Brand

In simple terms, your brand is the entirety of things you do that represent your business. You are an Affiliate marketer, that’s good. You have got a business that can earn you money in five figures. But it’s not a sit-down-and-do-nothing-business. There is work to be done.

You have to create content, create a network, get traffic on your site. Give useful content and advice’s, build your personal brand to be about the product you’re selling. That way you help build, gain and cement trust from prospective and current clients.

So how do you go about this? Irrespective of whether you use the paid traffic method or not, you should create a content calendar where you constantly update value-laden posts on your social media handles. To do this you must be knowledgeable in your niche, this requires you reading and studying materials of the product you wish to sell.

Next, you have to master communication and closing. You must learn to be patient with questions of your potential customers and learn to respond to messages with courtesy.


You have got profit to make from the sales you make. That after all is the essence of being an affiliate marketer. Since You are basically paid per sale, when choosing a product to promote, you should consider the prophet you’ll be making from that products. This takes into account how much will be spent on accumulating customers. If little to no profit is left after spending to get a customer, then the product isn’t worth promoting.

For example, let’s examine the 72ig course, that is the most sought after product on affiliate marketing. For each sale of the 72ig product, you make 50℅ commission on it. As at the time of writing this post, the 72 IG course goes for ₦60,000. This means for every successful sale you make ₦30,000. Depending on how good you are in advertising you might be spending more or less in acquiring customers and closing sales. You must factor that into your profit and decide if that course/ product is what promoting.

The easiest formula to increase your commission, is through increased sales, the more your sales, the more your commission, the more your commission the more your profit. Simply put make more offers and get more people to see your offers. That is basically all.

You should also note that you don’t need to buy a product before you can promote it on Expartnaire.


All business are risky, but affiliate marketing could be one of the safest business ever. Why?

  • One, you don’t own the products. You are not liable for it integrity this simply means if there is a problem with the product you are not to be blamed. The buyer simply takes up his grievance with the product creator.
  • Two, you do not store or transfer the products. Simply put since we are dealing with digital products the buyer gets the product directly from the product creator and you as a middleman do not handle storage or delivery. Even in case of physical product you do not handle storage or delivery you simply connect buyer to seller and get your commission.
  • Three, you are not liable for refunds. In case of grievances with the products, The seller is responsible for making refunds as well as keeping to guarantees.

With all these awesome advantages are there any risks? Well yes!

For one, you will need to learn how to close a potential client. This means you must work on your closing skills regularly by learning and implementing. Failure to close properly means you will have a ton of leads which you have spent money and time acquiring and no sales.

Secondly if the product you decide to promote is crappy, since people do not know the content creator, instead they know you, they are likely going to tag you as crappy. However on a platform like Expartnaire, products are vetted for sincerity and results before they are allowed to be on that platform. So you need not worry about this.

Thirdly, if you will be running paid advert you must learn how to advertise properly. Failure to properly advertise at a good rate will mean spending a lot of money without achieving complimentary results.

Away from the risks, the gains are inexhaustible, the profit margin is high, the risk is far reduced. You can make gains through affiliate marketing even when sleeping, the secret, delegate the task, create an ad and see wonders.

The Affiliate Marketing business model enables flexibility, making you your own boss. This means you are free to try out new ways that fit you and you are provided with lot of products to pick according to your niche.

Looking at all these six points so far, it’s safe to say that Affiliate Marketing is one of the safest businesses you can get into in 2022.

Click here to learn more about starting your affiliate marketing journey today.

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Can I earn money from Facebook Advertising? 3 ways to make money with Facebook advertising in 2022

Facebook advertising has been around for a while now and still reigns as the simplest as well as cheapest online advertising platform today. Even though it has gotten more difficult to advertise on Facebook, it still remains one of the best platforms with the largest reach across varying demographics.

Different advertising platform

While there are hundreds of other advertising platforms such as Google, Microsoft Bing, Yahoo, TiKToK and a host of others, Facebook and Google are the most dominant as of 2022.

So if you’ve been wondering how much and if at all you can make any money from Facebook ads, we created this post to show you three awesome ways for you to make money using Facebook advertising in 2022. Let’s dive right into it.

1. Sell Products with Facebook Advertising

These could be physical or digital products; either way selling products using Facebook ads is one really awesome way to make a ton of money.

Selling physical products using Facebook ads is known as e-commerce and it’s one of the most profitable business models in 2022 crossing in over 4.9 Trillion US dollars in the global market.

Selling physical products requires you to have a store or study suppliers as well as spend a lot of money finding buyers. You also need to have a delivery system in place as well as a payment system.

Some products you can sell range from clothing to adults toys to food and health supplements as well as electronic gadgets. With the demand for products increasing every day the e-commerce market has only started to Bloom. According to the Statista it is expected to grow by 50% to 7.4 trillion US dollars by 2025. This is definitely a market you should not ignore.

The digital product market is not left out of the selling boom. In short the sales of digital products have quadrupled since the onset of the covid-19 and and man’s search for actionable results oriented knowledge has only increased. This has made more people want to invest in knowledge and gaining of practical skills that could be used to up their income or provide some other sort of results such as wellness, weightloss, travel, and others.

Having knowledge in some practical area that has provided results for you and probably a few close friends, you can decide to package this knowledge and sell it as a digital product.

The process to selling a digital product is a little bit more complicated than e-commerce products. Firstly you have to establish authority and credibility as fast as possible. Most people will only buy a digital product if they trust the author.

E-commerce growth by regions of the world.

One way to create such trust and get people buying your digital product is what is known as lead generation. This process involves getting people who are interested in the topic you are trying to sell and nurturing them over a period of time to build trust and to build your authority as an expert or a highly knowledgeable personnel in that field.

For e-commerce which uses direct sales techniques the sales/conversion rate is usually between 1 to 5%, however using lead generation techniques for digital products you have sales of up to 25%. Some tools for carrying out lead generation include email Marketing & WhatsApp marketing. These two tools are used to build what is known as your email or WhatsApp broadcast list depending on which of the platforms you use. It is also worthy of note that you could integrate both platforms.

While selling physical products can make you a lot of money it can also be very tedious especially when it comes to making deliveries full-stop digital products on the other hand require a much longer time to build expertise but once built you can continue making money from the same email list over and over.

That being said with digital products you can fix the price of how much you wish to sell it and you can sell it to anybody around the Globe because you do not have to do deliveries, this is therefore one major advantage digital product has over physical products or e-commerce products. Another advantage is that you don’t have to fear about the product being damaged during delivery or getting lost or stolen. You also do not have to worry about storage space.

So which one should you start? Well that depends on you. Both models will make you a lot of money if done right. To learn more about starting a profitable e-commerce business click here while to learn more about creating your own digital products are making a lot of sales click here.

2. Advertise for clients

Another relatively easy way to make money with Facebook ad is to start your own one-man advertising agency. You can advertise for businesses starting from as low as ₦5,000 naira to as high as 10 million or more. There really is no limit : it all depends on your ability to position yourself and get the right types of clients.

Starting your own advertising agency requires you to have basic knowledge of advertising, copywriting, Facebook ads, web design and analytics.

Alternatively you can build a team to handle the technical aspects while you can simply handle client-hunting. This is far simpler than handling everything yourself. The pitfall here is that you have to be good at people management and putting together a team that have a common goal.

You can advertise for companies, celebrities, small businesses etc. How you position yourself is what will determine the types of clients you get.

The best way to position yourself is by finding a niche and dominating it. For example you could choose to become a Facebook ads agency for brand growth. This basically means you and your team focus on growing different business brands and getting more followers and potential customers for such businesses.

By choosing and focusing on a specific niche you develop a higher credibility, authority, and an ability to demand higher prices. As an icing on the cake, you can easily choose who you want to work with. You are seen as an expert. Remember a jack of all trade is a master of none.

You can learn more about Facebook analytics here and how to advertise profitably on Facebook here.

3. Build and Monetize a following with Facebook Advertising

Facebook ads could be used to build a following online around a topic you are interested in doing business in and then later monetizing that following. This is very similar to building an email list.

This is a slow process and it consumes a lot of money and time however the end result is usually very much worth it.

Building a following is similar to lead generation. It involves dishing out value over an extended period of time to people who are interested in a particular topic or niche that you operate in. This could be done organically but would take over a year to get traction going. You can hasten this up using Facebook likes ads or engagement ads.

These ads are there to help you build your brand image. Using these types of ads, you can build a huge following quickly and start monetizing it using seminars, coaching classes, selling of different products and the likes.

When your page or community reaches a certain number, it starts to grow exponentially on its own and you no longer need to run ads. The algorithm starts recommending your page to people to follow in larger numbers.

Now you should note that you can only run ads on a page, how ever you can run ads to grow a group if you prefer a group than a page. For a group anyone can contribute (depending on settings you choose) and grows ways faster than a page where only you and authorised admins can contribute.

So there you have it, 3 awesome ways you can make money from Facebook Ads in 2022. Want to learn more about Facebook Ads, click here.!