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Here’s a detailed description of our email marketing services

Price: $180 

In this package, we will set up and integrate an email service provider to your website or lead generation funnel.

This will enable you to be able to capture leads which can then be nurtured and sold to using emails.

Here is what this package entails

  • Setup your email service provider ( we recommend using Birdsend as it’s easy to navigate) and pay for a year package
  • Setup your email service on your website ( we will handle technicalities such as setting up DKIM, and other aspects that will improve your email opening rate)
  • Create up to 2 signup forms and integrate with your website( signup forms are used to collect contact details such as name, email and phone numbers from your leads)
  • Create a welcome message (this is the first message that anyone who signs up to your email list gets)
  • Clean and upload existing emails to your new email service provider ( if you have an old list of emails we can clean them and add them to your new service provider so you can start mailing them)
  • 2 Short Explanatory videos on making subscription payments and creating email newsletters.
Price: $230 

In this package, the team will setup, integrate an email service provider to your website or lead generation funnel and write your email sequence.

Here is what this package entails

  • Everything in package one
  • Setup automation flows to separate paid and non-paying subscribers (these flows will allow you to send separate messages between customers who have already bought your products and those who are yet to buy)
  • Create a 7 follow-up email sequence ( a follow-up sequence is a series of automated messages a customer gets until they make a particular purchase)

Note: The email service subscribed for will be for the 1000 contacts package.

To learn more about the email service provider and their pricing, kindly check it here


(Please note that all packages here are a one-time setup. ).

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