5 Tricks That Help You Get More Done Everyday


By Sean B Samy |Ibadan| March 21, 2022

In this post, I want to share with you 5 Tricks that help you get more done everyday. Oftentimes 24 hours is never enough. Before you know it, your day runs out and you haven’t done what you needed to get done.

That’s why I have put together 5 awesome tips and tricks you can use to take charge of your day & save more time.

After all, time is your greatest resource, managing it must be a priority.

That said, let’s check these out.

1 – Start at 5 – The Important & Necessary First

Start early – with the most important tasks first.

Early to bed, early to rise.
Start your day early but also start with the most important tasks for the day.

If you work at the office and your work is one you cannot do from home, start with the most important tasks that can be done at home

To be able to do this more efficiently, you should have a task time table and a working alarm system, but more importantly self discipline.

By starting with the most important task first, you achieve what you want to get done for the day before most people wake up.

2 – Embrace Rituals – Create a daily Time Management Calendar

Start early with a ritual that gets you in the zone.

Starting with important tasks and waking up early is not something you can do easily without developing a ritual or routine.

This takes time and requires constant mental and physical effort on your part until your body has mastered it.

The best way to get your body to follow through is to create a daily time table. Here you list your most important tasks at the top and check then off one after the other when you complete them.

Having a ritual also reduces the streas on your brain and helps you go about your day easily.

3 – Work in Bursts – Set goals & take massive action

Work in bursts of 33 minutes.

Research has found that the human brain and body cannot sustain prolonged working. In short it has also been well documented that working for long hours without well spaced breaks wears down productivity.

The solution to this is to work in sprouts. One legendary copywriter by the name Gary Halbert discovered that he was very productive when he worked in sprouts of 33 minutes and took 10 minutes break.

By focusing and keeping away distractions for a set time and having breaks in between, you can easily get more done in little time.

This is one you should try out.

4 – Avoid Social Media – The greatest time consumer of the age.

Avoid social media. It’s the greatest time consumer of today.

People spend over 6 hours a day endlessly scrolling on social media – liking, commenting, sharing and responding to messages.

While social media is good being that it has brought the world together, if not properly used, it could also become a great time waster.

When you want to be more effective, switch off your data or your phone and work without distractions. If your work requires you to work online, turn off notifications so as to prevent distracting sounds.

Social media companies designed those apps to be addictive and get you to stay on it longer.

Understanding how to focus is slowly becoming the most important skill of the age. Learn to avoid social media when you work.

5 – Outsource Unimportant Tasks

Outsource any tasks that you don’t have to perform yourself.

The secret to saving more time lies in learning what has to be done and is most important, what needs to be done but isn’t important at the moment, what you must do, what anyone else can do for you and what you mustn’t do.

Understanding all these simply gives you the controls over how your time flies and how you decide to spend it.

No matter what work you do, figure out what part is the most important and must be handled by you and what part you can pay someone else to do for you.

Let’s say you work on the office and you must do some calculations and balance up sheets and then after that you must send a report that usually takes you 1 hour to make.

You could do your calculations and teach someone else to do your reports and pay them.

It’s even easier today with the aid of virtual assistants. You can literally get someone to do anything for you, while your channel your time into more profiting ventures.

We hope these tips have been helpful in saving you more time.? Tell us more about how you’ve been impacted.

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