Special Offers

Do-it-yourself Offer. 


In this offer, you’ll get access to the Ultimate Facebook Ads Bundle. This is our flagship course for anyone, business owner, or freelancer who wants to master setting up Profitable Facebook ads in 7 days or less.

This is for you if you have the time to write ads, create catchy designs, test multiple ads for days and days, find winning and, scale it, create the automation systems your business needs, and all that techy stuff.

This is for you if you want to learn Facebook ads and become a freelancer or use it on your business.

It’s definitely not for you if you like the easy way. However, if you don’t have money to invest in the Done-For-You Offer, then this is the next best thing.

Inside this offer you get

✅ Introduction to Facebook & Instagram Ads
✅ How to setup conversation & lead ads
✅ Different types of ads and ads objectives
✅ Facebook Ads for smartphones
✅ Understanding the Facebook Ads policies
✅ How to install your pixel
✅ Intro to Facebook for e-commerce
✅ Troubleshooting your ads
✅ Scaling your ads

And lots more,

You also get access to

✅ Group Coaching
✅ Lifetime Mentorship support group

Done-For-You Offer

[ ₦80,000/ 21 days ~ Regular price is ₦280,000]

This isn’t for everyone. This is for you if you are a busy businesswoman or man and all you want is to watch customers and leads pour into your business where you close them and make money.

You don’t want to deal with the techy stuff. You want a trusted hand, with years of experience handling your advertising and helping you spend less while you get more customers from Facebook & Instagram.

So here is what you get;

✅ Sweet rest. Underrated but true. You don’t have to deal with any tech stuff. We set up everything, from your email autoresponder, WhatsApp marketing software, and Facebook ads, down to your funnel design. If you understand the real purpose of money, you’ll know that it’s used to buy time. Why waste time doing all these when we are happy to handle it for you?
Give it to us and go get some rest.

✅ You Monitor your funds. You fund the ad account, while we set up and monitor the Ads. We ensure the ad is working and bringing in sales or leads. We create the designs, write the ad copies and build the sales funnel.

✅ Better Focus. Since you don’t have to set up ads, you can focus on the most important part of your business which is closing sales and making your customers happy.

✅ We Create The Follow-up Framework. Will not only help you set up your email or WhatsApp autoresponder, we give you a 30-day follow-up template that you can simply edit and use to follow up with your prospects who have not bought from you yet or get them to buy again and again.

✅ Free Logo Design: My team will help you redesign your logo and ensure it’s up to standard if ita not already.

✅ Free Page Optimisation: My team will help you optimize and set up your Instagram and Facebook pages. This will ensure that your brand grows faster. This includes posting content on your page once a week.

✅ Free Staff Virtual Coaching on Autoresponder & AI. My team would train your staff for 2 days on how to use autoresponders and AI.

✅ Free Customer Avatar Research: My team will carry out and build a complete profile of your ideal customer to enable you to have the right message to the right customer at the right time.

✅ Pain Analysis and Offer Creation: My team will analyze and create great offers around your products to ensure that your products sell faster and knock out the competition.