Discover The Secrets To Building A 7-Figure Online Business That Pays You Every Week

(Even If You Don’t Have Any Products of Your Own And You Have Never Sold Anything On line Before…)

using a simple 3 step formula

There is a hidden secret the top affiliate marketers, digital marketers and network marketer’s know that helps them crush 6 figures every month…

No. They don’t have 2 heads, neither are they special.

They just have access to information that makes them succeed and have a ruthless execution game plan that ensures they win.

This is how they are able to close 200+ sales of a 30k, 45k, 60k product

My name is Sean Balogun Samy

I am a  Google My Business Coach, Facebook Ads Maestro (Spent over 1.5m plus in Facebook, Twitter, Google & LinkedIn ads for different clients), and founder of Sellbeta Marketing Solutions, a Digital advertising company based in Nigeria.

and in this training, I’ll be showing you how to set up your own 6-figure online business using the very same secrets they use.

At the end of this training, there is an offer for those who want to work with me to help them setup their own online business and make 6- figures in as little as 30 days.

DATE : 30th April


… I’m sure you would be asking ” Where is the link, I want to signup”


This really isn’t for just about anyone.


Lol, Let me tell you why this might not work for you.


1️⃣ You have the Get-Rich-Quick mentality.


You see, no one gets to the point of earning millions of naira overnight and anyone who promises you that is just a wolf trying to rob you of your hard-earned money and when they find out you have this mentality, it would make it a walk in the park to take your hard-earned money.


So again this program isn’t for you if that’s your mentality.

Don’t even register, you would be wasting your time, my time, and your data.


2️⃣ You want a System That Gives Money with little To No Work


Again that’s not the kind of person this event is built for. There is hardly any legit system that can make you real money that doesn’t require work.  so if you are hoping this is going to be your “genie in a bottle” you are wrong and you shouldn’t register for this event.


If you brought that “Get Rich Quick” mentality here,


This same business that made millions for others will NEVER work for you!


3️⃣ Laziness


So many people who land on this page will run away when I tell them that the highly profitable online business I will be sharing with you is not for lazy people…  (I hope you are not one of them).


Because people today don’t want to do anything, yet they want to make money,


Please tell me,


Shey can you make soup without lighting a fire?


Or can you can make the soup without slicing vegetable, washing meat, or even peeling onions?


You see the point?


I DO NOT like to work with people who want to GET without GIVING!


In fact, I am irritated by people who always want SOMETHING in exchange for NOTHING.

A little bit of work toward achieving your goal is ALWAYS a yes! For me.


Sometimes putting in a little bit of effort,


even if it can be as little as taking time to watch a webinar you signed up for…


One that has the capacity to change your life (like the one I will show you shortly) such little effort can be just about enough to move you to the next level.




If you are NOT the kind of person who likes to put in effort,


If you cannot focus on your growth and building a sustainable online business,


If you feel you are too old, or too smart, too experienced, too busy or too classy to learn and implement what I am going to share with you, 


Please! Please!! And Please!!!


Stop reading right now and continue scrolling on whatever platform you saw this opportunity


Or maybe go watch Netflix or something else you think is a better use of your data.


Now to the good STUFF.


If you’ve read all these and you are sure you have the right mentality and believe this event was designed for someone just like you, then hit the button below and register to attend the online event.

Here is what you'll be learning

#1 - The right mindset to building a profitable online business

The right mindset to building a profitable online business has to be set otherwise, failure is inevitable. In this part of the training, we will arm you with the right mindset you should have to help you create a solid foundation as you start building your profitable online business

#2 - The Number 1 Secret to building a profitable online business

There is a secret to building an online business and its in the word "numbers". In this training, I'll tell you about what numbers to pay attention to and why.

#3 - The 3 Things You Need to build a profitable online business

To build an online business, there are 3 things you must have and do. You'll learn about them in this training.

#4 - The OTPF Framework I used To Sell Over 200 copies of my products

The big boys use this formula, and you should copy it too and use it in your business. You are going to learn about this formula here.

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At the end of the event, you’ll be presented with a special discounted, prelunch offer to help you properly implement what you have learned and get results faster as promised without the unnecessary trial-and-error.

Let’s not deceive each other, nothing worthwhile and valuable is free, but we don’t expect you to invest your money if you don’t like what you are being offered.

If at this age and time, you are still expecting someone to give you something that could change your life for completely free, then kindly do not signup for the event.


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