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Chi Victor

My name is Chi Victor, and I am a health and wellness coach affiliated with Biotech Global International.

Back in 2019 and early 2020, I worked with a Program as an Accountant. Unfortunately, the Program closed, and I was back in the job market. I tried getting a job, but despite all my best efforts and attending several interviews, I kept getting emails like “We regret to announce this, but you aren’t the best suited for this role”, and others like that.

I became so broke because I used up all my savings, to the extent that I started borrowing left and right to be able to survive and take care of my family. Things got worse and I had to move my family into my mother’s house because the Landlord kicked us out.

In January 2022, a friend of mine introduced me to a powerful platform that showed me how to make money online selling health supplements (natural plant stem cells) products to people who needed them

I was skeptical because I had tried so many things online before and it did not work. For example this company, I registered with and never received my products to date. After her persuasion, I decided to give it a try. Under her mentorship, after my third month, I was able to make my first 130k in a month.

Today I’m a Sub-Stockist of this brand in my Region. My debts have been cleared, I moved back to my apartment, and my dreams are coming true.

But its not just myself, here are testimonies of others who are milking this business model:

In this free training, I’m going to show you exactly how you can change your financial story by simply recommending and selling healthy lifestyle products to people who need them.


  • Are frustrated with different types of “make money online schemes” and want something sure that has been proven to work over and over
  • Are willing to put in the work to make this business model work. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, and this will not work if you don’t put in the work required
  • You understand that it takes money to make money and a little investment will be required from you to get started. All good things come at a price



01 – What This Business Model Is About & How It Works

I will show you the in-depth secrets of how the health industry works and how this model can change your financial life.


02 – The Right Mindset You Need To Have This Business Model Work For You

There are some mindsets that are required for success in this business and in this training I will show you how to imbibe these mindsets and use them to gain massive success.


03 – Types Of Products Available

There are numerous products you can sell that will earn you a substantial consistent income monthly. You will learn more about them here.


04 – How To Make Consistent Monthly Income With This Business Model

Lastly, I would share with you the very secrets I and several others have been using to grow from ZERO to Consistent Income in less than 3 months

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