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Revealed: the easy way to make up to 100k Monthly by registering local businesses on google maps

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Here is What You Are Getting

PART 1 - The Google My Business Bundle

You get the complete guide on how to successfully register a business on Google and avoid the verification problems others are facing.

This course offers 9 videos covering:

☑️ Requirements For Successful registration of a GMB Profile

☑️ Types of Business that can be successfully registered on Google Maps

☑️ Step-by-step process on how to Successfully register a business profileon google maps

☑️ How to Properly rank and Optimize a Business Profile in a few weeks

☑️ How to add managers and delete GMB profiles

☑️ Recent Updates on using GMB

☑️ An alternative way to register a business on google - the no-fail method.

Part 2 - How To Make N100k Monthly

This Part contains 5 Videos on how to make up tp N100k monthly using GMB. In this series you will learn:

☑️ How to make Host whatsapp classes, teach and get them to pay you for the skill

☑️ How to Get clients for your skill on upwork and fiverr

☑️ How to get clients with cold emailing

Part 3 - Access To The GMB Academy

This grants you access to the Google My Business Academy: a support group of over 100+ GMB practioners who are also making money with GMB.

The advantages of joining this academy includes:

☑️ Get immediate help from other experts in the field when you need it

☑️ Network with other digital marketers and make more money fromthe multiple opportunities present.

☑️ Learn of New Updates and Information that could make you rich.

BONUS 1 - The 1k Ads Strategy

This bonus bundle shows you how to sell your products using facebook ads with a small budget of N1,000.

Its ideal for

☑️ Course creators. You could create your own GMB course or someother course and sell using this system.

☑️ e-commerce vendors. You have a physical, low-ticket product you sell? This strategy will help you.

BONUS 2 - Buidling A Google Free Website

This bonus bundle shows you how to build a free google website in less than 2 hours using your phone or laptop

Using this website, you can

☑️ Charge higher prices for your GMB service by including it as an offer

☑️ Create a free website for your own business so you look more prpfessional

☑️ Build a simple website where you sell your products.

BONUS 3 - Paypal & Virtual Dollar Account Opening Secrets

Another bonus to make earning with GMB " a walk in the park" for you. this bonus videos shows you how to easily recieve payments from foreign clients to nigeria.

You will learn how to:

☑️ Open a functional Paypal account that sends and recieves money in nigeria.

☑️ Open a US, EU & UK bank account that can recieve Varying curriences and pay to your local Bank Account in Nigeria.


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