4 Ways You Could Be Earning Money With Google Maps using Your Smartphone

Our phones are filled with soo many opportunities and oftentimes we don't know until its quite late,

leaving us with regrets and what ifs.

In this class however you will be learning how business people like yourself, youth corpers, and just about anyone else ,

can put their business on Google Maps, create an online presence for their business and make money with GOOGLE MAPS by offering this service to others.


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Kindly note that this video training is FREE, however you will be given an opportunity to signup for the PAID MASTERCLASS which you will also learn about in the presentation.
TIME : 8.00PM

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What You'll be learning

#1 - What is Google Maps & Google My Business

You"ll learn how this FREE google feature works and how it is used for business

#2 - How to put your small business on google 

I'll show you step-by-step on how to put your business on Google and the numerous benefits that comes with it

 #3 - 4 Ways to Make Money using Google maps

I'll Show you the various ways I use Google maps and Google my business to make some side income for myself.


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