The greatest gift you can ever give a business person is more customers


Every business wants to have more customers because more customers mean more money and means more profit for the business owners.


Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew 3 simple hacks you could exploit to get more customers running to your business?


In today’s post, I’m going to give you three simple things you could do right now that are guaranteed to get you more customers and more money in the long run.


These work irrespective of whatever business you are and whatever industry or country you are located.


Let’s get into it, shall we?

1. Put Your business on Google



Google My Business


Ever heard of Google My Business? Google my business is Google’s free tool for helping businesses find more visibility and helping customers or potential customers know exactly where certain businesses are located that are close to them when they search.


For example, when someone wants to find a Barbie salon close to them they can simply open their Google and search by typing “barbing salons near me” or ” barbing saloons in Ikeja”. This will simply bring out a list of all the top listed barbing salons in that area.


This is simply free advertising as businesses that are on Google can easily get found and get more customers on average than businesses that are unlisted.


To learn more about Google My Business or how you can put your business on Google click here


2. Use Twitter Spaces or Facebook’s AudioRooms



Twitter Spaces


Twitter space is a free tool from Twitter that allows you to create a room similar to a podcast. It’s the same as Facebook’s Audio room where you can discuss with other people pertaining to any topic of your choice.


You could create a space around your business where you can get other people to come and share their business stories or business activities.


What this does is help you create visibility and make people know more about you and your business. Is a very simple hack to get traffic and as well build an authority presence around your brand.


By coming up to share information in a place like Twitter space or Facebook Audio rooms you create an authority figure around yourself making people who have never heard of you know, like, and trust you.


To set up an audio room on Facebook simply log into Facebook and click the sign that shows audio rooms and invite as many people as possible. For Twitter, you can simply schedule space and Twitter will advertise it to all your followers automatically.


3. Create a blog.





Having a Blog based around your business is a powerful tool for generating traffic that can be turned into paying customers. This is so because blogs build very powerful authority figures around the writer of such blogs. 


If you own a soap-making business, for example, you could start a blog about skin health or soap making and simply post content once or twice a week. You then link the content to your website or any other means by which customers contact you.


By simply posting content there and linking it to your products people see you as an authority in that industry and who doesn’t want to get the best from an authority or an expert?


So here are my three simple hacks for getting more customers to come and visit your business. If applied well this can lead to you getting more customers than you can handle.


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